Catching Up

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The last couple of weeks have been crazy, but I'm still here. To catch up on what I've missed rambling on, I'm going to blatantly steal the format of False Hustle and break things down countdown style.

1. I must admit, I agree with the sentiment of this Saturday Night Live skit on a lot of levels. As I stated in another post, I'm all for Obama reaching across the aisles and I don't think he can just sit back and let all these companies go under.

But there is a limit.

How many dollars do we hand to these companies before we just let them go ahead and die? Everyone warns of the dire consequences of letting these big banks and insurance companies go over, but one has to start wondering a couple of things. First is how much worse it can get. Second is even if it gets worse, maybe that's necessary to really get things back on track. So far, it looks like the government is putting very expensive band-aids to patch up severed limbs. Maybe we need to sterilize these wounds and just move on.

2. Rihanna may be back with Chris Brown? They could be getting married? They are currently kicking it at one of Puffy's mansions?

Oh boy.

You know, I temper everything with the obligatory disclaimer that they are just kids. But once you take a glance at the official police report (Illseed it's really tough to have even an ounce of sympathy toward Chris Brown. In fact, if Rihanna were my daughter/sister/friend I'm not so sure Chris wouldn't be in a hospital somewhere nursing his own injuries. Not to condone violence, but I understand why reports stated that Jay-Z was furious. That shit was just unacceptable.

To Rihanna, all I can say from my small corner of the web is "For the love of God, get away from this dude." Parents, friends, inner circle, handlers, everyone needs to step in and get her away from him.


The only reason dude is doing this is because he realizes just how much he is about to lose. The only way for him to soften this is for Rihanna to take him back.

No one should be supporting that especially when the brother hasn't had some kind of counseling yet. Why Diddy is involved in this, I have no clue.

All I can do is plead with black America - DO NOT GIVE THIS BROTHER A PASS! Read that police report and imagine that was any black woman you care about.

Harsh? Maybe. But domestic violence, particularly against black woman just runs too rampant in our community. At the very least we should see some acts showing Chris is trying to get himself together before he is embraced by anyone.

I'll leave the last word to the Queen of black America:

3. T.O. to the Bills? - Ugh. Don't like the move for either party, but we'll see what happens. Unlike most, I'm rather indifferent about Owens (I've always thought he just drops too many catchable balls. Imagine his numbers if he had great hands), but I definitely don't like the way the media treats him. Sorry, but there is just too much true venom and hatred for a guy who has never been arrested. No matter how you feel about him, you can't question his work ethic or desire to win. For this guy to not be playing on a team is pretty ridiculous.

Also, the problems in Dallas pretty much started with the exit of Jimmy Johnson. Yeah, they won one with Barry, but Johnson should still be roaming the sidelines of the Big D and everyone knows it.

Also, the next big problem is Romo. He's not clutch at all. Also, TO had a point. Why ARE you throwing the ball to the double covered tight end toward the end of the game when you've got two freaks of nature at the wide-out spots?

Dwil of Sports on My Mind breaks it down in his usual thorough fashion.

4. I'm starting to think we have to support Michael Steele.

No, he's not making it easy. But the fact is that he is the first black person to hold his position. We've gained a lot with Barack Obama, and I'd hate to see this guy ruin it by completely crashing and burning.

He's a hard brother to like. But if he does too badly, it will be decades before we see another black person in that kind of position. He's got to get his shit together and soon.

5. Watchmen. Caught it on Friday afternoon. Actually not bad. I wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised.

6. Song of the Week - Large Professor - Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing

How I missed this when it first, dropped, I don't know.