The Untold Story of Hurricane Katrina

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just watch.

Hat Tip - Raving Black Lunatic

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And Now Complete Silence on Jesse Jackson Jr

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Couldn't help but notice how little we have heard about this since its been revealed that Jackson Jr has been cooperating with the FBI and helping expose corrupt politicians for years. The only thing we are getting are articles calling him a snitch and a rat.

And we wonder why more people don't do the right thing and expose corruption. First your name is dragged through the mud. Then you're labeled a snitch and a rat for bringing the truth to light.

Jesse Jackson Jr should be commended for standing up to the corruption in IL politics.

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The End of HBCU's?

In a move to "trim the budget" and "save money," a Georgia Senator wants to merge some HBCU's in GA with white colleges. Naturally, this has caused some uproar.

Personally, I call bullshit on his whole premise. The budget shortfall in Ga is a reported 2 billion. The money allocated to the HBCU's is likely just a fraction of that.

No, this is something that has been tossed out there on a number of occasions to just put an end to black schools. Literally, thousands of black people are able to get an education through an HBCU and there are forces who would like to prevent that.

We just can't let that happen.

Full disclosure - I went to an HBCU by choice.

I got into several predominately white schools but chose to keep my family tradition and went to an HBCU. The experience for me was invaluable. Never had I been surrounded by so many positive black people. Also, I personally know quite a few people who would not have been able to attend college if it had not been for HBCU's. The number reflect this as black students at HBCU's have lower drop out rates and most black students perform better in those settings.

But even larger is the significant part of our culture and heritage that HBCU's represent. Getting rid of any of them would completely erase that and I can't get behind that.

Also, when people roll out some lame reverse racism bit, remember that HBCU's DO NOT exclude ANYONE from applying or attending their schools. Anyone can attend an HBCU.

Hat Tip - The State of...

For more information, see here - Black Planet

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Interracial Marriage - Part 2

I remember when I first told my family I was bringing my fiance with me to our family reunion in Mississippi. I had been out of law school for a year and had just passed the 3 day long torture session known to the general public as the "bar exam." I was thrilled to finally be done with school and just get to sit back, eat some BBQ, and hang out with relatives I hadn't seen in years. My fiance was nervous, but looking forward to meeting my family.

We got there and everything went smoothly. My family quickly accepted my fiance, but one of my aunts did express some dismay over my selection. As I stood in line waiting for another burger, she said (loudly and in front of everyone):

"Well, I'm glad she is black. I figured since you had went to law school you was gone bring home one of them white girls."

Everyone laughed. I was a bit stunned shook my head a bit, not only because of what she had just said. But also because a few weeks earlier the same thing had happened to another of my law school classmates. And a year earlier, the same thing had happened to another friend of mine who went to med school. A part of me thought the question was wrong. What did it matter what color she was? At the same time, I understood what my choice of spouse represented to my family. It sent them a signal that I hadn't turned my back on the little town that I had come from and the community I grew up in.

That was not the last time I heard that sentiment.

So as I sit here typing, I honestly am at a bit of a loss for words on this whole issue. Over the last few days, much has been made (including on this site) of the problems facing some black coaching candidates because of their decision to marry white women. Even Charles Barkley had to take the time to weigh in on the issue of Turner Gill not getting the Auburn coaching job with his wife being a factor. While some of us immediately find that to be reprehensible. Others give it the Kobe Bryant treatment - that's what you get for messing with them white girls.

Right off the top, I believe we have to acknowledge and admit that we don't understand the feelings that obviously go through the mind of a black woman when she sees that brother cuddled up with a woman of another race. It's personal. Also, we often forget the historical perspective of this issue. From white slave owners raping black women to it being illegal not so long ago, there is very painful history of interracial relationships in our country.

Yet as I close in my one year anniversary, I just have to say that if you find someone who is willing to be around you 24/7, forever, you should grab that person and hold on for dear life no matter what they look like. Cliche, but true. Marriage is tough at times, period.

Yet, the problem I think most people have, at least from a black point of view, is that black men get good jobs and then immediately search for a woman of another race to validate their success and turn their backs on the community. I can't lie. I have met brothers who fit that mold.

BUT, I have met far more who just simply fell in love with someone. And that's what marriage is all about.

At the end of the day, Grandma Esquire pretty much nailed my feelings on the matter. "Focus on keeping your own house in order and don't worry about what going on next door unless its a criminal or child molester or something."

Regardless of personal feelings on this subject, there is simple fairness. A person should not be denied a job because of who they married. Period. The fact that people are being told they would NEVER get a head coaching job because they married white women is just ridiculous and sad. It's also not a validation of the thought that people shouldn't marry outside of their race.

It's racism. End rant.

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What's So funny About Being Blind?

Monday, December 15, 2008

I thought I was just being overly sensitive when I saw the Saturday Night Live skit, but it looks like America agrees with me.  The Gov. Patterson skit was in poor taste and just wasn't funny.  

Also, why do they keep getting Armisen to portray black people?  So do the Saturday Night Live producers really expect us to believe that there are no black comedians they can add to their staff in NEW YORK CITY?  Insane.

I have been a fan of this show for years and still am.  Their election coverage this year was great...except for Obama.  It's pretty shameful that they can't bring in a black guy to play a black guy.  

Also, picking on blind people?  Not cool guys.

Come on.  We're not asking much here.


Interracial Marriage Preventing Coaches From Getting Jobs?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been whispered about and hinted at behind closed doors and on blogs, but ESPN's Mark Schlabach let the cat out of the bag today on ESPN's Outside the Lines.

When coaching spots opened up in the SEC, it wasn't long before the names of top black coaching prospects Turner Gill and Charlie Strong popped up.  If you believe the positive buzz, these guys are among the best and brightest coaching prospects in the country.  Yet, there were some who doubted whether these guys really had a shot at getting these coaching jobs.  Why? Because they are black men married to white women.   

The very thought that someone is being denied employment because of their choice of spouse is something that no one wants to believe or hear.  Most of us pretty much try and put that kind of internet rumor to the side.

Given the low number of black coaches in college football, it wasn't much of a shock to watch these guys get passed up for others, including two gentlemen who have failed miserably at previous coaching destinations.

It was a shock for me to hear Mark Schlabach reveal that a couple of coaches informed him that Gill would NEVER get the job at Auburn because he is married to a white woman.  It was also refreshing.

The problem for black people is that no matter how racist something may be, you know you will face an immediate backlash if you speak on it. Your statements and concerned are dismissed as playing the race card. The entire conversation focuses in so hard on whether the act was racist that you never even get to discuss the act itself. Even worse, the person walks off looking worse than they had before.

So having a white journalist at ESPN speak on blatant discrimination was nice. The thought that these guys are being passed on because of who they married is beyond upsetting. Turner Gill took an absolutely horrible Buffalo program and has completely turned them around. Gene Chizik has taken a team that went to bowl games 5 of the last 6 seasons and won 5 games in two years with them. Chizik is not even as good a coach as the guy Auburn let go.

Yet, Chizik will be the new coach at Auburn and Turner Gill and all the other qualified black coaches wait for the next opportunity.

Welcome to post-racial America.