Breaking News! BET Stinks! Oh. Wait. That's not really news at all....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The BET Awards was 100% the hot shitty mess I anticipated. In the back of my head, I held out a small bit of hope that they might change things up, scrap the scheduled performances and just do a night of musical tributes to MJ while presenting the awards. Hell, a night of just Ne-Yo covering MJ classics would have even been ok to me.

But, that was just too much.

So we ended up with everything from pre-teen girls to Ving Rhames mumbling some BS about guns.

Pretty much business as usual at BET and the reason why I rarely watch "our" television network anymore.

But, I must say I am surprised by all the outrage about the awards.

Or better yet, I am surprised that people were surprised at how bad the awards were.

Most of my circle had abandoned BET a long time ago. We just got sick of the constant negative portrayals and complete lack of substance.

Now, BET has failed rather spectacularly in front of what was likely a pretty big audience. With a chance to really make a statement and push the network toward something meaningful (or at least fool the rest of the world for one), BET was pretty much business as usual.

Now people are pissed, but I'm just shrugging my shoulders.

BET has been complete shit for years now. So many have poured so much energy into trying to get "our" television station to change its ways and present a better image of us.

That has all resulted in such wonderful programming as The Tiny and Toya show and Frankie & Neffie. When I sit and think about my friends who are struggling to make positive films and shows, but these 4 get their own shows on "our" network, it used to make me angry and sad.

Now, I am just left with more shoulder shrugging.

I guess I'm just tired.

To those who have been fighting the good fight and continue to fight it, much respect.

But to those who just showed up after the BET Awards, I really just want to know where have you been? BET didn't become coon central overnight.

Its been setting new lows for years.

There is nothing I would love more than for us to have a positive TV network discovering talented up and coming artists. Hell, I could easily forgive some rap videos if there were just some balance in the programming.

But, I guess I have just conceded that BET is not and never will be it.

It's long past time to throw our support behind other networks and other avenues to get better black entertainment out there.

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