You Don't Say

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The last couple of weeks have presented a handful of stories that just make me shake my head in disbelief.

First up is ASU as it stiffs Obama on an honorary degree. The university really seems to be caught off guard by the backlash they have received over this. It is in moments like this that I really wonder what exactly it is that some people do to con their way into positions of leadership. Can anyone with a brain really be surprised that their would be a negative response to this? What were they thinking? A Harvard Law Grad who just happens to be the first black president isn't worthy of an honorary degree from ASU? Yeah, nothing controversial about that at all.

Next is the family that just won't go away, the Palins. Or more specifically, the now outcast father of Bristol's child, Levi. Seems that maybe things weren't as rosy as the campaign lead us to believe. Or tried to make us believe. I honestly feel a bit of sympathy for Levi. It was obvious from the jump that he was being drug into something he wasn't close to being ready for. I also feel sympathy for the child, who may be deprived of a good relationship with his father. And to think, this could have all been avoided if Palin had simply said no when called by John McCain.

Last up are the pirates. Pirates. It really was hard for my mind to really process and take this seriously at first until you I started hearing about the hostages. The whole thing is crazy and my prayers go out to the people and their families. But, I also have to wonder how long these kinds of incidents have fone on and for how long. I'm also puzzled and a bit frightened by the fact that our military can't just swoop in and take these guys out. Yes, I realize this is not the movies, but sometimes its easy to get lulled into a false sense of security about the military might of our country and the ease of which we can get out of tricky situations. I have no doubt in the honor and integrity of our soldiers and know that the situation will be resolved, but it is a bit unsettling to think that something like this can happen during this day and age.

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