The Play Count Never Lies

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As I continue to examine the play counts of songs on my ipod and home computer, I'm starting to realize there is a bit of a disconnect between what I think I like to listen to and what I am actually listening to.

The first explanation for this is pretty easy. What I listen to when I work out and what I listen to at pretty much any other time is vastly different. Given that working out is the main time i listen to the Ipod, I think those play counts kind of throw the other numbers out of wack a bit. So, I'm going to take them out and look at them on their own. With that in mind, I present my top 25 workout songs according to how often I listen to them.

  1. Saliva - Doom aka MF Doom aka Viktor Vaughn
  2. Fakin Jax - I.N.I.
  3. Stand and Fire - M.O.P
  4. For Heavenz Sake - Wu Tang Clan
  5. Shut Em Down - Public Enemy (Pete Rock Remix)
  6. Wipe Me Down - Lil Boosie, Webbie, Foxx
  7. Hip Hop Drunkies - The Liks
  8. Cash Money Is An Army - BG
  9. Brooklyn Zoo - Ol Dirty Bastard
  10. Where My Homiez - Il Al Scratch
  11. Do Ya Thug Thang - Max Minelli
  12. Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G.
  13. NY State of Mind Pt. 2 - Nas
  14. Diamonds Remix - Slim Thug
  15. Back Down - 50 Cent
  16. I'm a Beast - Lil Wayne
  17. You Can't See Me - Tupac
  18. Where The Party At - E-40
  19. We Got Your Money - The Lox
  20. Rock co. Cane flow - De La Soul
  21. Still Ridin Dirty - UGK
  22. G-Unit in The House - G-Unit
  23. Beasts From The East - Lost Boyz
  24. Dipset Anthem - Dipset
  25. Allustrious - Mobb Deep
Of the first five, I probably would have guessed that Shut Em Down would be number one because its one of my favorite tracks ever. The Pete Rock beat with all the horns and Chuck's lyrics are just perfect on that track. But, I can see how I would end listening to the other ones more, especially during a workout. I've wrote about Saliva and For Heavenz Sake before. But Fakin Jax kind of surprised me just because the beat is a bit more mellow (but still fire) than the other songs on this list. Stand and Fire is pretty much M.O.P. at their best.

My Louisiana brethren (Boosie, BG, Max Minelli, Wayne) nabbed several spots. Again, I'm surprised Wipe Me Down ended up so high, but that beat definitely gets me amped up during a workout.

Hip Hop Drunkies is a pretty big surprise. Like that song, but I would never have guessed I actually listen to it that much.

Beasts From The East is another one. I would definitely have thought I listened to that one more. Canibus' verse on there is one of my favorite of all time.

Other than that, I'm not sure there are many other tracks that I would move around. The bigger thought on my mind is that I really can't remember when I put what song on my ipod. So if a song has been on the ipod longer, it could definitely end up with a higher play count than something I like better. So, I actually think I will reset my play counts and just see what I end up listening to over the next couple of months and then putting up another post.

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