No Video, No crime

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When Oscar Grant was murdered, I wrote a post basically stating that if there wasn't a video of the incident we would never really know what happened and the cop would walk away scott free.
It looks like that is exactly what will happen in the case of Billie Joe Johnson.

A host of other writers have done a great job of writing about this whole incident. I'll link to several of them, but the point can not be missed here.

No video, no crime.

A grand jury came back with a ruling that Johnson's death was accidental. The family doesn't buy it and neither do it. I have no idea of exactly what happened that day, but I find it hard to believe that this kid killed himself. I also don't want to immediately label the cop as a racist with an agenda. The death could very well have been an accident by either party.....

but the whole "suicide" and "accidental shooting" angles reek of bullshit.

All the elements for a tragic ending are there:

  • Small town in Mississippi - Check
  • Black star athlete - Check
  • White girlfriend - Check
  • Community disapproves of relationship - Check
  • Incident with a police officer in the middle of the night - Check
  • No witnesses - Check
  • Video camera on policeman's car mysteriously doesn't work that day - Check
But, we are supposed to believe that this young man, an experienced hunter, would somehow accidentally shoot himself by picking up his gun for no reason at all after being pulled over by a cop?

Sorry, can't buy that.

There are those who just want to move on from this. Sorry, can't do that either. We spend months being bombarded with news on the missing white girl of the week. I think we can spend a little time on how this brother got killed.

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