To Hell and Back

Sunday, January 11, 2009

After what seems like forever, I am back in the land of the employed.

My previous employer had been struggling for the past year. Over the last few months the big partners were pulling out left and right and moving on to literally greener pastures. Everyone else was left bracing for the worst.

Some of us got laid off.

Some of us just quit to cut our losses and try to move on.

At the end of the day, the how and why didn't really matter. All that counted was that we were all amongst that growing number of Americans with no jobs. The news on the job front was beyond grim as each month the ranks of the unemployed have grown.

Despite this, I remained optimistic throughout the ordeal. A combination of family, prayer, blogging, sports, and my Xbox 360 kept my spirits high. It was beyond difficult at times. Each potential opportunity seemed to lead to a dead end. Those once rock solid contacts were now just hollow shells.

Then finally, right around new year's, I broke.

What the Hell was I going to do?

Maybe that was what God was waiting for me to do. To stop trying to figure the whole thing out on my own and put it in His hands.

The phone finally started ringing.

The interviews came through.

And then on Friday afternoon, after countless prayers, phone calls, interviews, lunches, dinners, happy hours, letters, job boards, "give this guy a call"....

I got a job offer.

Praise the Lord.

Things are hectic as I have to scramble up our belongings and move to another town, but that's a much better problem than how am I gonna pay the bills. Blogging will probably still be a bit light as my family makes this transition. Again, small problems.

To all those still looking out there, keep knocking on those doors. Eventually, someone will open it and a better opportunity than the one you left behind will be waiting for you.

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