The Cypher

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Definitely some stand outs in here as a ton of rappers freestyled during the BET Hip Hop Awards. No, I'm not a BET fan. But, I love Hip Hop and several of these rappers brought their A game. It definitely gets better as it goes on and it was nice to see cats like Q-Tip on the mike again.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


McCain Hoaxster Upset With Media

File this one under "You gotta be kidding me." Ashley Todd, the now infamous liar who made up a story about being attacked by a large black man, is upset with the media for "blowing this into a political firestorm." Someone needs to get that girl to a psych ward ASAP.

This also ends up being another black eye for McCain. Instead of waiting for all the facts to come in, the McCain camp pushed the story. They are, naturally, back peddling now. Again, the McCain camp should just save themselves some time and put out an ad stating "Don't Vote for that N-word" and be done with it.


Song of the Week...MF DOOM aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah

I have been digging in the crates this week and I keep coming back to Doom or one of his many aliases. MF DOOM is rumored to releasing a new cd soon titled "Born Into This." I personally can't wait as MF has come strong on pretty much every cd no matter which one of his personalities is rocking the mike. Thus, the song of the week is actually songs of the week as these tracks have been wearing out on my IPOD all week.

Viktor Vaughn - Saliva

MF Doom - Dead Bent

King Geedorah - Fazers


Not Racist At All...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sometimes, no matter how you try not to be, you just can't help but be amazed at the gall of some people. A picture of Obama on a food stamp surrounded by chicken, watermelon, etc...not racist at all say the people on this CNN video. Give me a break. Just go ahead and call him the N' word and be done with it people. Seriously


Tekenya Wooten - 12 year old child - Missing

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Although you won't hear much about it, a 12 year old child has gone missing.  Unfortunately, young black girls don't move the ratings pins or drive up internet clicks so this young girl's only hope is the blogger world.  Oh yeah, did I mention she was pregnant?  So, the lives of two children are in jeopardy.  

Naturally, What About Our Daughters is all over the story.


The Last Gasps of the Republican Machine

There really isn't much left.  Daily we are literally being buried under accusations of Obama's plans to make the US "socialist."   The people who have been leading our nation for the last 4 to 8 years are casually throwing out phrases like Anti- American and Pro-America.  For God's sake people, let it go.  These silly attacks are getting you nowhere.  Everyone in America recognizes it as typical campaign propaganda.  

First, it is pretty tough to make the socialism label stick to Obama when Bush is nationalizing banks.  Actually, it is down right hypocritical.  This current push by the McCain campaign is basically saying that there is nothing wrong with the government helping out an investment bank but there is no way they should help an individual pay his or her medical bills.  There is also the little matter of the Youtube video of McCain in 2000 discussing how Americans who have more should be willing to give more to spread the wealth around  (funny how all these Republicans seem to fail to comprehend how videos never go away).

It also, in my opinion, pushes his campaign closer and closer to the elitist tag he tried to pin on Obama.  The McCain campaign is completely missing the fact that most Americans are struggling.  More importantly, part of the reason they are struggling is because of the greed and incompetence of people who were supposed to be looking out for their best interest.  So yes, a lot of people would probably appreciate a bit of assistance from the government right now especially when it comes to their medical needs.  

Anyone who knows someone who works for the government also knows that they get the best medical benefits in the country.  A lot of people will strongly consider a government backed medical plan (I know I would).  However, I think that helps in a number of other ways.  It will pretty much instantly either drive down the cost of private plans, improve benefits of private plans or both.  Assuming the government backed plan is affordable (and I can't see why it wouldn't be) that will be pretty stiff competition for the insurance companies.  Anything to force those guys to stop denying coverage to people because of loopholes is well worth it.

Let me clear here, I do not have any issues with capitalism.  Yet, when profits are being placed over the health of the people then are serious problems.  Obama's stance that health care is a right is one of the biggest reasons I am voting for him.  

Second, the mere suggestion that another person in office is Anti-American or one part of the country is Pro-America guessed it...Un-American!  America is supposed to be the land of the free, where everyone is allowed to have different points of view and express themselves.  Only in a country like America could a guy like Obama rise to the highest office in the land.

These callous statements are waking up dormant sentiments in people across the country.  People are screaming terrorist and kill him at campaign rallies.  Obama effigies are being hung.  Obama supporters are being attacked.  This is already getting out of hand.

I think someone should sit the McCain campaign in front of TV and show him clips of the racist episodes of our country's past.  Does he really want anything remotely similar to that being associated with his name a decade or so from now?  Is this how he wants to remembered?  

The Republican party is a complete mess right now.  Never have they been more disjointed.  It is time to take a step back and regroup.  Get back to their core principles (which aren't all bad by the way) and load up for another run at this thing in 4 years.  All they are accomplishing at this point is waking up demons they can not control.


No Rush, It's Not All About Race

Monday, October 20, 2008

So, if the only reason Colin Powell and every other black person in America is backing Obama is because he is black, it's fair game for me to say that the only reason every white person is supporting McCain is because they are racist. Right?

After delivering a sound and thoughtful 6 minute speech on why he was supporting Obama, it should come as no surprise that certain segments of America are completely ignoring that and saying Powell is supporting Obama just because he is black. That is, of course, absurd. Powell is merely saying aloud what a lot of conservatives really think about McCain and his actions.

It is far past time for the Republicans to stop all the smears and focus on getting their party back on the right track. It is also far past time for America to reject the out and out hatred spewed by some of these talk radio personalities. They are only widening the divide in our country.


Joe The Plumber....FAIL

Recent polls in Ohio show that only 6% of voters in Ohio felt that the Joe the Plumber angle would make them more likely to vote for McCain.  4% said it made them more likely to vote for Obama and a whopping 85% said it would not affect them.  In Missouri, 8% felt that Joe the Plumber made them more likely to support McCain, 3% more likely to Obama, and 85% were not affected.  

The McCain's camps next move?  Will they go back to the issues on the economy, health care, etc?  No.  Of course not.  Why do that when you could go back to beating the dead horse that is Rev. Wright


Panthers 30, Saints 7

Well, that was just ugly.  The game looked to be a good one until the second half when the Panthers completely ran away with it.  Then, just in case we weren't all feeling crappy enough, came word that Reggie needs knee surgery.  The offense did not look the same without him and with a trip to London looming, the Saints are truly in need of some help from above.  Those earlier last minute losses are probably going to keep this team out of the playoffs...again.


Are We Really About to Elect a Black President?

As I watched Colin Powell eloquently explain his support for Obama, it hit me again.   It really looks like this is going to happen.  We are about to place a black man in the White House.  

With all the craziness of the election process, the wonder of this event is sometimes lost.  So many of us, no matter what age, did not think we would live to see this happen.  Yet, it is staring us right in the face.  Now, I'm wondering where I want to be on that day.  I am contemplating flying home to Louisiana to watch the election results with my grandmother.  While this will be a joyous occasion for me, I can't imagine what its going to be like for her and her generation.  All the sacrifices they all made culminating in this moment.  There really are no words that can adequately describe it.