Michelle Bachman...Everything That Is Wrong With America

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's not just about disagreements. I honestly think that America benefits from people with different views. The problem is the hatred and ignorance. Almost 15 minutes of ranting and not a single legitimate issue from this....person. This whole view that people who have a different view of the world as me are "Un-American" is ridiculous and dangerous. We can only hope and pray that we get all the people like Bachman out of office. This video must be watched to be believed.


Song of the Week....Eminem - Relapse Freestyle

It's been a while since we have heard Eminem's voice and I think his hiatus was a good move. It is hard for hip hop artists to maintain popularity and I think Eminem's complete disappearance from the game just makes people want to hear him more. If this freestyle is an indication, Em's flow is as sharp as ever and he's got some things to say.


Drama Attracts Viewers

Thursday, October 16, 2008

That's really the only way I can explain CNN after the debate was over. I wasn't particularly wowed by anything Obama said, but I felt like he had again won. McCain just looked angrier and angrier as the night went on while Obama just seems to get calmer and calmer and more in control. There is no doubt that people are going to have a field day making videos of McCain's facial expressions. He tried hard initially not to make faces, but as the night went on he just couldn't control his reactions.

And I think that was the story of the night. While McCain started out OK, I thought he really derailed as things went on especially after the talks about negative campaigning. He tried to actually garner sympathy on the negativity issue and it just didn't go over. He threw a ton of jabs but, as usual, none of them really ever seemed to phase Obama. And Joe the Plumber just became more and more of an obvious gimmick every time he brought him up.

To be quite honest, I am surprised at how poorly McCain did in all the debates. He just never seemed to be comfortable and that is really pretty stunning considering how long he has been in the game.

However, if you listened to CNN after the debate you would have had the clear impression that McCain won the thing. I honestly had to take a step back and wonder if I wasn't just drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Several panelists raved about McCain's great performance and how he came out strong. Their praise seemed like a bit much. Yeah, he was a bit better, but still far from where he needed to be. Yet, they really seemed to be spinning the thing like McCain had done something remarkable.

Well, thank the Lord for all those wonderful polls. The people spoke up once again and closed the lid on any talk of a McCain resurgence. Try as they might, there was no spinning the poll numbers. Even the Fox News panel gave the night to Obama. Natually, John King of CNN went on about how he didn't trust the polls. Unfortunately for him, the instant poll numbers always hold up even a few days after the debates.

So why the spin?

Well, this thing is actually doing the opposite of what most people thought. Honestly, I did not imagine that Obama would be running away with it. Obviously, neither did CNN or the other news networks. With Obama opening up huge leads in so many states, the election is becoming more of a foregone conclusion. I'm not one to call victory yet, but I am getting pretty excited. The news networks are getting disappointed.

Drama is what gets people watching the news. The more of a lock this is for Obama, the less people are interested in the opinion of the "Best news team on television." As a result, we will get a lot of attempts to keep the suspense going despite the obvious. The real Drama Kings are going to do everything they can to keep the suspense turned all the way until the final moments.


The Final Showdown

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's the day of the final debate and I think its going to be pretty anticlimatic.  For all the talk of McCain's "new" strategy,  everything has pretty much been the same.  The Daily Show, once again, does a great job of breaking down just how phony the new McCain actually is.

This video illustrates an often repeated point. Why are we getting the most hard hitting journalism on the election from a couple of comedians on Comedy Central? Hate to have a complete video fest, but just look at the complete takedown Jon Stewart and crew put on last night. Classic stuff. And they are right. Being an "Arab" and "a decent family man" and this campaign is definitely speaking for a certain portion of America.


The, "Yeah, No S%&t" Fact of the Week - Black People Did Not Cause Mortgage Mess

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We all knew this was BS when it was first suggested, but the good folks at Young Black Professional Guide and Jack and Jill Politics pretty much lay this one to bed. I would chime in, but those brothas and sistas have pretty much nailed this one. This one was ridiculous to start, but not a surprising (or new) tactic. Its unfortunate that time even has to be spent debunking these kinds of rumors.


McCain Determined to Lose Debate

The net is abuzz with McCain's latest claim that if he brings up Ayers it is because of Obama. If McCain really goes forward with this and tries to again bring up Ayers in the debate, I think its time to dust off a dunce hat and sit him in the corner. Obama has again laid a trap and McCain is walking right into it.

Obama and Biden both went hard at McCain with the whole say it to my face angle. At the time, it seemed pretty obvious to me that they were going directly at McCain and trying to provoke him. McCain, proving that he is indeed a hothead who can not take a step back and look at the big picture, is more than happy to oblige and take the bait.

If McCain still can not see that there is just no hope for this whole "Obama is linked to a terrorist" line of attack, that really does close the book on whether or not he can be a commander in chief, at least to me. So many times the current administration has been faced with a situation that obviously wasn't working or required them to take a step back and reassess their plan. Yet, they continued on ignoring the negatives.

McCain appears to be doing the same thing. He still doesn't seem to understand that what Americans really want right now is to know that they will still have a job and some savings in the bank when they wake up tomorrow morning. The economy is the only thing that is on people's minds. A true economic plan that really wins over America is the only shot McCain has right now. Yet, he has already bobbled the ball on that one by waiting so long to pull one together after hinting that he would unveil one over the weekend. McCain is makign decisions based on pride, defending his manhood, and disdain for Obama. A winning combination for Obama and very exploitable by the Obama campaign.

Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he said he was surprised McCain didn't say anything to his face. How people continue to underestimate this guy, I will never quite understand. Obama will be ready for McCain to pull out Ayers and will no doubt find a way to throw something back at McCain.

McCain, still not thinking his opponent is worthy, is about to walk right into it.


The Republican Machine is Disintergrating Before Our Eyes

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beyond the wonder of watching the rise of an African American to become (hopefully) the next President, there is also the wonder of watching the Republicans just completely falling apart. I have never seen the party so off kilter and off message. Even their biggest supporters are jumping off the wagon now. I guess I can't blame them. Obama is leading in states most of us would never have guessed a Democrat, much less a black guy, could win. But it does make me scratch my head. How could these guys rally so fervently behind a guy like Bush, but just can't bring themselves to do the same for McCain?


Obama unveils new policies...McCain pulls lint out of his pockets

While I am still looking through Obama's new proposals, I am glad he appears to be taking a more realistic approach to the country's current situation. It's going to take time to get the train back on the track and I think it's a a good move for Obama to try and press that reality on the public.

On the other side, I have been waiting for McCain's new ideas since they were hinted at on Saturday. Now it appears he is going to unveil something tomorrow. Another day, another bumble. If he didn't have his ducks in a row, there was no point announcing that he would unveil a new economic plan. Now his campaign continues looking like a mess while Obama continues to take the lead.

Well, I guess if he wants to just hand Obama the election I will stop complaining.


Saints 34, Raiders 3

The Saints have suffered some tough losses this year (and as any long time Saints fan can attest, that is saying something). All three of their losses have been winnable games with a couple literally coming down to the last minute or so. As a result, it was a big relief to look up and see the Raiders on the schedule this week. We needed a win in the worst way and with all the controversy going on in Raider-land, Oakland seemed ripe for the picking.
Luckily, I was right and the Saints did not find a way to lose this game. Drew Brees and Reggie Bush were great as usual. However, the defense looked solid (yes, that's not saying much against a young Raiders team, but still). More importantly, we may have actually found a kicker. Taylor Mehlhaff looked solid after some early game jitters.

With Colston and Shockey due back soon, there is still a chance for this team to make some noise. Next week's game won't be as easy though as we head to Carolina to face a team licking its wounds after a butt kicking by Tampa Bay. With the struggles of Carolina, Tampa, and New Orleans, I'm wondering out loud if it is possible for the Falcons to back door their way into the playoffs? I doubt it, but you just never can tell with this division.


Lil Wayne & The Roots - A Milli (live)

Yes, this track has been played to death, but I can't hate on Lil Wayne rapping over live instrumentals from the Roots.


Obama's Masterful Campaign Strategy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I haven't come across too many articles that nail just how great Obama has played his cards in his run for the presidency. This one from Andrew Sullivan, in my opinion, does not just hit on what has been key for Obama (calm under pressure). It also demonstrates how he has used that strategy to his advantage by luring opponents into mistakes.
Andrew Sullivan of The Times Online


McCain vs. Palin?

This is why a thorough vetting process is so important. A story at Times Online has popped up discussing friction in the McCain camp and its not surprising. McCain and Palin appear to disagree about what direction the McCain campaign should take from here on out. I am in the camp that believes Palin wants to set herself up for a future run at the presidency. I also believe she is far more comfortable with the negative attacks against Obama than McCain is. The more cheers the better for her and her future.

As shown in some of the videos, McCain is clearly a bit rattled by the hornets nest his campaign has stirred up. While I don't agree with his policy proposals, McCain truly was a Maverick up until a few years ago. Palin is not and has no problem following the whatever orders are handed down from Karl Rove and Co. This is a bit surprising considering all the dirt that can be drug out against her, but I suppose it shouldn't be. She has shown no shame in throwing dirt at Obama despite her own controversies.

Palin's ambitiousness has always shown through. That is not a knock on her, but I was never sure how well it would mesh with McCain. It hasn't. Palin has become a star and McCain continues to fade. IMO, Palin's relative, ambitousness, and exuberance has only made McCain look more old.

It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out. However, McCain could have done himself a favor by having a true, thorough vetting process and bringing in someone who shared his ideals and more importantly, offered strengths where he is weak. Or even someone who doesn't make him look 10 years older when they are seen side by side. Points on age may seem like cheap shots, but I think anyone who underestimates that as a factor in people's minds is just not accepting reality.

McCain really needed to pull together a better ticket. I honestly think if Romney were on the ticket this things would be a lot closer. Romney would have had the expertise to deal with any questions on the economy. Palin can't and there combined lack of expertise on the economy is what is sending their campaign down the tubes.

The race ain't over yet, but continued fractures in the Republican party only pushing this thing closer to a done deal.


NCAA Wrap-Up

While there were great games across the board, the Big 12 provided the best games of the weekend as two top teams fell and another was pushed down to the wire. Oklahoma and Missouri both fell while Texas Tech held on in overtime to knock off an improving Nebraska team. Let's get to the wrap-up

Game of the Week - Texas 45, Oklahoma 35
Gotta follow the herd on this one. This was college football at its best as two powerhouses went at it in a game that was exciting for the full four quarters. The Longhorns trailed almost the whole game, but Colt McCoy and a rapidly improving Texas defense pulled out the victory. The Texas defense held the Sooners to only 48 yards rushing. The Sooners points really show how good Sam Bradford is more than a fault of the Longhorn defense. Colt McCoy probably thrust himself into Heisman talk, but I was just as impressed by his receivers. Overall, just a great game and definitely one to watch on ESPN classic if you missed it.

Other Notables
Oklahoma State 28, Missouri 23

Mike Gundy is finally proving that he is indeed a man on the sidelines as the Cowboys pull off the biggest upset of the week by knocking off Mizzou in Mizzou. The Cowboy defense picked off Heisman hopeful Chase Daniel 3 times in the second half with the last interception sealing the victory.

Florida 51, LSU 21
Hard to even believe that as I type it, but the Gators opened up a 5 gallon bucket of whoop ass on the Tigers completely destroying them and snapping back from their loss last week. Watching how well the Gators played yesterday, one has to think they may be able to slide back into the national championship picture if they don't lose again.

Texas Tech 37, Nebraska 31
The Red Raiders almost blow this one to an improving Nebraska team. An interception in overtime keeps the Red Raiders undefeated, but doesn't answer questions about whether they are legit championship contender. With the Big 12 looking tougher by the week, we'll know the answer to that soon enough.

Mississippi State 17, Vanderbilt 14
MSU knocks off Vandy with great defense. MSU still lacks firepower on offense, but is able to pull off the upset by forcing turnovers.

Arkansas 25, Auburn 22
Maybe Auburn should have kept its offensive coordinator as its offense actually looked far worse yesterday. Led by running back Michael Smith, the Razorbacks "upset" a rapidly falling Auburn team. With their SEC schedule not getting any easier, one has to wonder just how far the Auburn Tigers will fall in this disappointing season.