Common's New Song - Universal Mind Control

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not feeling this one so far, but maybe it will grow on me. I know coming out with new music is a challenge for artists. They, naturally, want to experiment with different sounds and grow. But there is something to be said for pleasing your loyal fans and I'm not sure if Common hits the mark with this one.


Black People For McCain

This video has me thinking.

Despite the big Obama picture on this site, I have no problems with people voting for McCain if they really believe he is the best candidate. I know everyone says that, but I mean it. However, too many times when I hear black people talk about supporting McCain, it sounds like a couple of the guys on this panel. Almost like they are doing it just to go against the grain and not because they really believe in McCain or his principles. There was only one member of the panel who came across as a true McCain supporter.

It's a cheap shot to just automatically call anyone who votes for McCain a sell-out and it's not my place to tell anyone how to vote. However, I like hearing someone articulate clear reasoning why they aren't supporting Obama, not "I'm not going to vote for him just because he's black." Newflash. All Obama supporters aren't just voting for him because he is black. Comments like that make you sound no better than the people who blindly brand you a sell out.


Is This Enough Proof or is Obama "Playing the Race Card?"

Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain is finally stepping up and doing the right thing.  His dangerous race baiting was only going to result in someone getting hurt.  However, as I watch the videos of people screaming "terrorist" and "kill him," I wonder if its enough.  Is this enough to make people finally see that black people aren't just paranoid and suffering from "victimhood".  Racism is real and always bubbling under the surface.  All it takes is the right combination of events to bring it out.

This is the reality that Black America has constantly faced.  A Black man has pretty much done everything right.  He has battled some of the most powerful political campaigns in history and is prevailing.  His own campaign has been brilliant.  His entire career as an academic and politician has been great.  Yet, the reaction to his rise to the presidency is that he is somehow unworthy and stealing something he does not deserve.

I won't dwell on the obvious double standard in the treatment of Sarah Palin.  Yet, I can't help but shake my head at the ridiculousness of this entire line of reasoning.  A Senator from Harvard Law who is an expert on the Constitution is somehow a "stranger" who is "unworthy" of the presidency?  He's a "Manchurian Candidate" sent in to destroy America?  That is just lunacy.  But because he is a black man with a funny sounding name, it doesn't just have legs.  It's actually being debated in the mainstream media.  

Yet, anytime someone mentions that something could possibly be racist, they are immediately shunned.  They are "playing the race card" and the issue at hand ends up completely burried beneath an argument over whether the situation is racist or not.  But now, the racism of some people is on display and no one can deny what it is.  The anger and vitrol of it is so thick that McCain himself now has to try to push it down a bit.   And no, its not just a couple of people here and there.  It's town halls and auditoriums filled with people that are angry and ready to throw pitchforks. Some are trying to say its a few randoms in the audience, but listen to the cheers after these statements are made and boos after his defense of Obama.

Now, in the face of all this, will people finally give credence to complaints from minorities about racism or will they still hide behind the whole "playing the race card" defense?  I think the answer is obvious, but still felt like posing the question.


The "Yeah, No S*&t" Fact of the Week

Talking Points Memo
reveals a Fox News poll showing that Americans overwhelming (61% to 32%) don't give a damn about Ayers. I could have told them that and all it would have cost them was a beer. With the average person's savings disappearing before their eyes and an inability to get credit, it amazes me that anyone thought this strategy might work. All it is doing is creating a dangerous atmosphere that puts Obama in harm's way.


Song of the Week...G-Dep - Stay Up

Boy do things change. There was a point in time when getting signed to bad Boy Records was basically like winning a lottery ticket. Diddy had the golden touch and you could not escape Bad Boy even if you tried. Fast forward to now and things have definitely changed. You'd be hard pressed to name more than a couple of people on the label. One of the casualties was G-Dep. But, recently he literally popped up out of nowhere with a new mixtape, song, and video. The track is called Stay Up and I have been feeling it more and more the last few days especially given the times we are in. It also reminds me of what NY hip hop used to add to the game. I'm from the South, but I always appreciated the different aspect of hip hop and rap provided by NY rappers. Unfortunately, NY's influence on hip hop has, pretty amazingly I will add given the history of the music, all but disappeared entirely from the current hip hop scene. I have no idea why, but it seems like no two styles of hip hop can exist at the same time. It's always one region dominating all others.

Anyway, here's my track of the week. Hopefully G-Dep and others can bring NY all the way back. Hip Hop could definitely use it.


The Guilty Pleasure of the Week.....Supernatural

Each week I will tap into something that I enjoy that people out there may or may not be aware of. It can literally be anything and this week its the CW show Supernatural. Here's a clip...

Supernatural is a horror series on the CW. Now on in its fourth season, the show has improved each year and really seems to be hitting its stride. Unlike other shows with complicated mythologies and the like (looking at you Heroes), Supernatural has managed to expand on its premise without losing what made it interesting to begin with.

If you're a horror or sci-fi fan, I highly recommend you head over and watch a few episodes. I don't think you'll be dissapointed.


Trust? Are these guys serious?

A commenter on another site made a point that has really struck a cord with me. After 8 years of support of the current administration, it is really unbelievable to me that people are pushing this whole "can we trust Obama?" line of reasoning. It shouldn't shock me to see these tactics, but come on. With all the lies and schemes of the current administration and wall street crashing down on all of our heads, do they really want to go there with the "trust" angle?


So....Um.. What happened with that bailout again?

At this point, I am just getting pissed.  I am seriously ready to hop in the car and drive to the capital and start throwing stuff.  The Dow is tanking again dropping about 455 points as I write this.  What exactly are Paulson and our leadership doing about it?  Seems like nothing and that's the biggest problem.

Fear is obviously ruling the day right now and who can blame anyone.  Everything that isn't kept under your matress seems to be in jeopardy at the moment.  It is time for our leadership to take measures to calm everyone down.   A HUGE step in the right direction would be explaining what exactly it is they are doing, in laymen's terms so that even joe sixpack (can't believe I typed that) can understand things.  An explanantion along with, I don't know, so kind of plan of action would go a long way toward calming everyone down and getting things back on the right track.  

It's tough to suggest my own plans because I'm obviously not an economist.  Thus, I don't know the downsides of my ideas, but I'm not certain why they aren't taking more drastic measures to ensure that people don't go completely belly up like freezing trading altogether.  Especially when they were still trying to hammer out the "rescue/bailout" plan.  It is probably too late for something like that at this point (if it was ever feasible), but something has to be done to slow the avalanche.  

The Dow is now down 500 points.   CNN is pulling out spiritual advisors (not joking).   Mr. Beckwith sys that "crisis is an opportunity for positive change."  This is true, but its not making me feel better.


Obama on the attack about healthcare

Thursday, October 9, 2008

While McCain continues to go negative, Obama keeps hitting America where it matters...


The Lesson of John McCain

As reality quickly sets in on McCain and his followers, everything I love and hate about this election and politics in general is on full display. It is becoming more and more difficult not to allow the immense feeling of pride one gets when seeing the first African American presidential nominee be diminished by the ups and downs of a political campaign.

Now, desperate and fighting for his political life, McCain is scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep his campaign hopes alive. It goes without saying that McCain is no spring chicken. This is his one and only shot at the presidency. We know it and so does he. As a result, a desperate man is taking desperate actions. Questions and issues are now becoming out and out race-baiting. My concerns are switching from just questions of whether Obama will win (although, absent some kind of military attack, this is pretty much a done deal now) to genuine questions about Obama's safety. All it really takes is one lunatic with a gun and a split second window of time and we could be in the middle of one of the worst days in US history.

However, many other people are writing about their disgust with McCain and his tactics and rightfully so. I, on the other hand, am taking a step back and looking in the mirror. While most of us will never be in the same situation as McCain, how many of us have thrown our own convictions and beliefs completely out of the window in pursuit of a goal? Money, fame, women, etc. There isn't a person among us who hasn't let our beliefs slip at least a lil' bit in pursuit of something.

This isn't an apology for McCain. What he is doing is deplorable and dangerous. But more than anything, I think its a bit sad and pathetic. Watching this guy literally race to the bottom of the barrel in pursuit of a goal that is getting further and further out of reach has been somewhat eye-opening for me. I think McCain presents us all with a valuable lesson of what can happen if we let our ambitions cloud our good judgment.

McCain wasn't losing this race because he wasn't "getting tough with Obama." He was losing it because the country is in the middle of an economic crisis and he has long professed that he has little knowledge of the economy. His VP pick has no clue either (I am sure he is wishing he had scooped up Romney right about now). Obama and the Democrats have successfully been able to use that against him. The answer for McCain seems obvious - buckle down with economic advisers and formulate a reasonable economic plan. Yet, blinded by ambition, McCain could not see this.

However, it appears that McCain decided to play political games, not realizing that no one cares about that kind of stuff right about now. At last glance, my 401k plan was down around 30%. I haven't even been able to bring myself to check it over the last two days. I couldn't possibly care less about William Ayers and events that happened before I was even born. I want to know what you are going to do now and the polls show that quite a few people agree with me. Why McCain and his team of "experts" can not see this, I have no clue.

No matter what anyone says, there are plenty of Americans uncomfortable with voting for a black man. His relative youth provides yet another knock. All McCain really had to do was give these people a reason to support him and I honestly believe that a combination of old fears and unfamiliarity with Obama would have at the very least made this a real contest.

Instead, he is completely avoiding the issues and attacking Obama. His ambitions are clouding his judgments so much that he can't even pull up long enough to see that this course isn't just not working, its making things worse.

Which is great for me, as I am 100% behind Obama. But, to get back on topic and bring this rant to a close, there is a lesson here for everyone. You can't allow your ambitions and desires to cloud your good judgment. Maybe even more important, you can't allow your ambitious pursuit of something to make people completely forget who you were to begin with. Whether people agreed with him or not, McCain was generally well respected. Now, I'm not even sure you can call him just another politician as I am pretty sure there are quite a few who wouldn't stoop to this level.

We all must be careful not to end up where McCain is. Better to lose with dignity than to ...well... lose without it.