Princeton Seminary Professor Target of Racism by Students

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Really, really late to the game on this one, but I'll post about it anyway.

It appears that Princeton Professor Yolanda Pierce was the victim of racist flyer posted on that campus. To say that this saddens me is a gross understatement. I'd write more but a lot of people have expressed emotions on this better than I probably could. Unfortunately, I think we should all brace ourselves as more craziness is likely to follow the inauguration.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell
"I am also beside myself that you, Yolanda, were personally attacked in a racially hateful flier distributed on your campus. I know that you are not yet ready to talk about the event because you are considering a whole set of legal and personal responses. But sister, I need to tell our guests here at The Kitchen Table about this disgusting act. These hateful creeps, also cowering beneath anonymity, distributed a newsletter called "The Foreskin" all over Princeton Theological Seminary's campus on Thursday.

In their vile, racist, publication they mock the newly elected president of the student body who is a terrific young black man. They also went after you, Yolanda, belittling you as an African American woman and making fun your scholarly contributions and your service work on campus. When I saw this thing it took absolutely everything I had not to come over to your campus with a torch and start setting things on fire until we get some answers. (Notice how I am signing my name to this as I write it.) "

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