Jessie Jackson Jr's New Fight

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jessie Jackson Jr recently announced that he wanted his name back once this whole thing is all over.  This will be the second time he has had to fight for his own reputation because of issues with another person.

Jackson has done a remarkable job separating himself from the failings of his father.  It's a shame that he will now how to try to do that again with the Blagojevich scandal.

I've been trying to hold back comment until more facts came out, but one glaring factor leads to me to chime in now.

Why haven't we heard the names of the other candidates?

When the bombshell about Jackson was dropped, I sat back and waited patiently for more facts and more names to drop before commenting.  Yet, the trail has pretty much turned completely cold.  Why is Jackson being singled out here?  I think we know the answer, but I throw it out there anyway.

Jackson is being unfairly singled out right now.  Thus far, he has not been accused of any wrong doing but he is still having to fight for his name.

Some have suggested that he should have waited before commenting.  I'm not sure about that.  I really think it was a lose lose situation for him.   I think the negative press would have just been worse had he waited to comment.  The instant his name was "leaked," he was pretty much screwed.

Hopefully, Jackson Jr will not be found guilty of anything and will be able to restore his reputation.  At this point, its unfortunate that his reputation has been hurt at all.

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