The End of HBCU's?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

In a move to "trim the budget" and "save money," a Georgia Senator wants to merge some HBCU's in GA with white colleges. Naturally, this has caused some uproar.

Personally, I call bullshit on his whole premise. The budget shortfall in Ga is a reported 2 billion. The money allocated to the HBCU's is likely just a fraction of that.

No, this is something that has been tossed out there on a number of occasions to just put an end to black schools. Literally, thousands of black people are able to get an education through an HBCU and there are forces who would like to prevent that.

We just can't let that happen.

Full disclosure - I went to an HBCU by choice.

I got into several predominately white schools but chose to keep my family tradition and went to an HBCU. The experience for me was invaluable. Never had I been surrounded by so many positive black people. Also, I personally know quite a few people who would not have been able to attend college if it had not been for HBCU's. The number reflect this as black students at HBCU's have lower drop out rates and most black students perform better in those settings.

But even larger is the significant part of our culture and heritage that HBCU's represent. Getting rid of any of them would completely erase that and I can't get behind that.

Also, when people roll out some lame reverse racism bit, remember that HBCU's DO NOT exclude ANYONE from applying or attending their schools. Anyone can attend an HBCU.

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