Oh Ye Of Little Faith

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To say the reaction to Obama's staff picks have been mixed would be to say that Bush made some questionable decisions as president. I will admit, my eyebrows were raised on some of his picks initially but I have come around.

As a matter of fact, I now like what he's doing. I definitely believe in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Therefore, putting Hillary in as Secretary of State makes a whole lot of sense to me. Its a big role. It gives the Clintons a vested interest in the success of the Obama administration. And, most importantly, I think Hillary can do just as good a job as anyone else one else thrown out there. I certainly wouldn't mind if Richardson ends up in the roll, but Hillary makes sense to me on a number of levels.

The obvious downside is Bill and the whole Clinton legacy. I get that and understand those reservations. Yet, let's not forget that Obama has already clearly shown that he knows how to handle the Clintons. In fact, Obama has shown that he pretty much knows how to handle damn near everything that has been thrown at him. Which brings me to my point.

Why the sudden lack of faith in Obama's judgment?

Yes. We all want change and change is what Obama promised. Obama's staff is looking anything but that as it has a ton of Clinton folks, but I get what he's doing. The thought of bringing in a fresh new staff is very appealing at first glance. But then I step back and think about just how deep in shit the country actually is right now. This is not a time to take gambles. We need people who can step in and get things done.

Or look at it this way, when you need someone to hit a game winning shot, you don't grab a rookie. You go get Kobe Bryant. When you need someone to lead a touchdown drive, you don't grab Matt Ryan, you get Tom Brady. When you need a hit record, you go get Kanye West...etc etc etc.

No doubt about it, this country needs a game winning bucket, multiple touchdown drives, and a couple of platinum albums. Obama may not be grabbing a bunch of new names, but he is grabbing people who should know what the hell they are doing.

That's a good thing in my eyes. Obama doesn't have time to feel things out. He needs to step in and immediately get things done. He can only do that if he is surrounded by a strong team of people who know the ins and outs of Washington.

So I really think everyone should just dial back the doubts for a second. If you believed in him up to this point, there is no reason to turn back and start throwing rocks now. Give the man time to get his complete team in place and start making some actual policy decisions before we break out the knives.