Lighten Up Folks...

Friday, November 28, 2008

So I'm watching the game and out of nowhere this R&B dude comes on and is singing. The first thought in my head is pretty much "what the hell?" Then I heard the words - "Got that McNugget lovin" and I almost fell out of my seat laughing. Yeah, I'm talking about the totally lame and completely hilarious for all the wrong reasons McNugget commercial. It's come on several times and I have laughed pretty much all of them and put it out of my head.

But as I was checking out some sites today, I couldn't help but notice some people are upset by the commercial going as far as to write to McDonalds. I don't want to trample on people's feelings, but this seems like a bit too much to me. There are a LOT of things going on right now to be upset about and write letters on, but I just don't feel like this commercial is one of them.

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