Is This Enough Proof or is Obama "Playing the Race Card?"

Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain is finally stepping up and doing the right thing.  His dangerous race baiting was only going to result in someone getting hurt.  However, as I watch the videos of people screaming "terrorist" and "kill him," I wonder if its enough.  Is this enough to make people finally see that black people aren't just paranoid and suffering from "victimhood".  Racism is real and always bubbling under the surface.  All it takes is the right combination of events to bring it out.

This is the reality that Black America has constantly faced.  A Black man has pretty much done everything right.  He has battled some of the most powerful political campaigns in history and is prevailing.  His own campaign has been brilliant.  His entire career as an academic and politician has been great.  Yet, the reaction to his rise to the presidency is that he is somehow unworthy and stealing something he does not deserve.

I won't dwell on the obvious double standard in the treatment of Sarah Palin.  Yet, I can't help but shake my head at the ridiculousness of this entire line of reasoning.  A Senator from Harvard Law who is an expert on the Constitution is somehow a "stranger" who is "unworthy" of the presidency?  He's a "Manchurian Candidate" sent in to destroy America?  That is just lunacy.  But because he is a black man with a funny sounding name, it doesn't just have legs.  It's actually being debated in the mainstream media.  

Yet, anytime someone mentions that something could possibly be racist, they are immediately shunned.  They are "playing the race card" and the issue at hand ends up completely burried beneath an argument over whether the situation is racist or not.  But now, the racism of some people is on display and no one can deny what it is.  The anger and vitrol of it is so thick that McCain himself now has to try to push it down a bit.   And no, its not just a couple of people here and there.  It's town halls and auditoriums filled with people that are angry and ready to throw pitchforks. Some are trying to say its a few randoms in the audience, but listen to the cheers after these statements are made and boos after his defense of Obama.

Now, in the face of all this, will people finally give credence to complaints from minorities about racism or will they still hide behind the whole "playing the race card" defense?  I think the answer is obvious, but still felt like posing the question.