So....Um.. What happened with that bailout again?

Friday, October 10, 2008

At this point, I am just getting pissed.  I am seriously ready to hop in the car and drive to the capital and start throwing stuff.  The Dow is tanking again dropping about 455 points as I write this.  What exactly are Paulson and our leadership doing about it?  Seems like nothing and that's the biggest problem.

Fear is obviously ruling the day right now and who can blame anyone.  Everything that isn't kept under your matress seems to be in jeopardy at the moment.  It is time for our leadership to take measures to calm everyone down.   A HUGE step in the right direction would be explaining what exactly it is they are doing, in laymen's terms so that even joe sixpack (can't believe I typed that) can understand things.  An explanantion along with, I don't know, so kind of plan of action would go a long way toward calming everyone down and getting things back on the right track.  

It's tough to suggest my own plans because I'm obviously not an economist.  Thus, I don't know the downsides of my ideas, but I'm not certain why they aren't taking more drastic measures to ensure that people don't go completely belly up like freezing trading altogether.  Especially when they were still trying to hammer out the "rescue/bailout" plan.  It is probably too late for something like that at this point (if it was ever feasible), but something has to be done to slow the avalanche.  

The Dow is now down 500 points.   CNN is pulling out spiritual advisors (not joking).   Mr. Beckwith sys that "crisis is an opportunity for positive change."  This is true, but its not making me feel better.