McCain vs. Palin?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is why a thorough vetting process is so important. A story at Times Online has popped up discussing friction in the McCain camp and its not surprising. McCain and Palin appear to disagree about what direction the McCain campaign should take from here on out. I am in the camp that believes Palin wants to set herself up for a future run at the presidency. I also believe she is far more comfortable with the negative attacks against Obama than McCain is. The more cheers the better for her and her future.

As shown in some of the videos, McCain is clearly a bit rattled by the hornets nest his campaign has stirred up. While I don't agree with his policy proposals, McCain truly was a Maverick up until a few years ago. Palin is not and has no problem following the whatever orders are handed down from Karl Rove and Co. This is a bit surprising considering all the dirt that can be drug out against her, but I suppose it shouldn't be. She has shown no shame in throwing dirt at Obama despite her own controversies.

Palin's ambitiousness has always shown through. That is not a knock on her, but I was never sure how well it would mesh with McCain. It hasn't. Palin has become a star and McCain continues to fade. IMO, Palin's relative, ambitousness, and exuberance has only made McCain look more old.

It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out. However, McCain could have done himself a favor by having a true, thorough vetting process and bringing in someone who shared his ideals and more importantly, offered strengths where he is weak. Or even someone who doesn't make him look 10 years older when they are seen side by side. Points on age may seem like cheap shots, but I think anyone who underestimates that as a factor in people's minds is just not accepting reality.

McCain really needed to pull together a better ticket. I honestly think if Romney were on the ticket this things would be a lot closer. Romney would have had the expertise to deal with any questions on the economy. Palin can't and there combined lack of expertise on the economy is what is sending their campaign down the tubes.

The race ain't over yet, but continued fractures in the Republican party only pushing this thing closer to a done deal.