McCain Determined to Lose Debate

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The net is abuzz with McCain's latest claim that if he brings up Ayers it is because of Obama. If McCain really goes forward with this and tries to again bring up Ayers in the debate, I think its time to dust off a dunce hat and sit him in the corner. Obama has again laid a trap and McCain is walking right into it.

Obama and Biden both went hard at McCain with the whole say it to my face angle. At the time, it seemed pretty obvious to me that they were going directly at McCain and trying to provoke him. McCain, proving that he is indeed a hothead who can not take a step back and look at the big picture, is more than happy to oblige and take the bait.

If McCain still can not see that there is just no hope for this whole "Obama is linked to a terrorist" line of attack, that really does close the book on whether or not he can be a commander in chief, at least to me. So many times the current administration has been faced with a situation that obviously wasn't working or required them to take a step back and reassess their plan. Yet, they continued on ignoring the negatives.

McCain appears to be doing the same thing. He still doesn't seem to understand that what Americans really want right now is to know that they will still have a job and some savings in the bank when they wake up tomorrow morning. The economy is the only thing that is on people's minds. A true economic plan that really wins over America is the only shot McCain has right now. Yet, he has already bobbled the ball on that one by waiting so long to pull one together after hinting that he would unveil one over the weekend. McCain is makign decisions based on pride, defending his manhood, and disdain for Obama. A winning combination for Obama and very exploitable by the Obama campaign.

Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he said he was surprised McCain didn't say anything to his face. How people continue to underestimate this guy, I will never quite understand. Obama will be ready for McCain to pull out Ayers and will no doubt find a way to throw something back at McCain.

McCain, still not thinking his opponent is worthy, is about to walk right into it.